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White Mountain Spirit -- Doris Lemcke
White Mountain Spirit

Legacy of Lies -- Doris Lemcke
Legacy of Lies

Rebel Treasure -- Doris Lemcke
Rebel Treasure

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“There are no secrets that time does not reveal.”
Poet/dramatist, Jean Racine (1639 – 1699)

Welcome to Love, Lies and Family Secrets!

All families have secrets, some more dangerous than others, especially when they come back to haunt future generations. If you love history, mystery and romance, I invite you to join my characters as they search for the truth hidden behind family myths, discover truths that could change history,and face the consequences of their ancestors’ sins. Along the way, you’ll walk in the footsteps, and hear the voices of those amazing people who lived when honesty, justice, love, and virtue were in the eye of the beholder. Your definition of, “Truth” may never be the same.

In Legacy of Lies, Michigan’s most feared-and-revered Governor, Andrew N. Edwards Sr. challenges his granddaughter, “Right and wrong can’t always be determined by a book on the pulpit or a gavel in the courtroom; and history is just hindsight, changing with the teller, the times, and the purpose. Once a man becomes a legend, will even the truth change it?” Follow Iris Edwards on a deadly quest to discover the truth behind the legend of her grandfather—and survive a killer.   

The Langesford Legacy Series

I’m pleased to announce the debut of The Langesford Legacy Series, which is the culmination of a dream that started decades ago and wouldn’t let me go until I wrote it. My thanks to the members of three writers’ groups—Mid-Michigan Writers, Southwest Florida Romance Writers and the Chelsea Writers Workshop, who listened to me talk about my drea, and offered invaluable critique and support during the VERY long process.

This historical family saga beginning in 1866, introduces one of Georgia’s most revered founding dynastiesas it struggles to rebuild a stronger, better life from the ashes of civil war. But turning a wild land into a country, rebuilding a life torn apart, and building an enduringlegacy doesn’t come without sacrifice—or secrets that never seem to die. Follow six generations of the Langesford/O’Grady family through revolution, rebellion, reconstruction and beyond, as ancient lies and old sins threaten a legacy of service to their country spanning two centuries.

Book One – Rebel Treasure 1866 – A lost treasure from the 1864 Denver Mint robbery pitsCamilla Langesford, the last of the once-mighty Langesford family, against Patrick O’Grady, one of the Union’s finest investigators,as rumors of treason and hidden treasure threaten to destroy the only things she has left. Her pride, her home—and her heart.

Book Two – NEW RELEASE - White Mountain Spirit – 1892 –Sean O’Grady’s restless heart yearns for the freedom of the wild, Western territories, but Langesford Plantation is his home, his destiny—until Elena Santiago, a half-Apache orphan from Santa Fe brings a message that challenges his faith in himself, his family, truth—and love.

Book Three – Coming in 2018 - Champagne Promises-1898 –Actress Lily O’Grady Champagne is trapped in a web of political intrigue while performing in Havana on the night battleship Maine explodes. When her promoter husband disappears, and she’s arrested for smuggling guns to the rebels, her only hope for survival is a frontier doctor-turned-spydetermined to destroyRichard Champagne.

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